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Sometimes I come across posts that I think are especially useful, I'll try to post links to them here.  I should have started this page a long time ago.

If you have any great links or posts to share, let me know and I'll add it here.  

marathon pace band

Marathon advice - Ms. Zippy

Marathon tips compilation - Blonde Ponytail

Motivation/potential - Twenty-Six and Then Some

Strength routine - Chicago Runner Girl

Strength routine - 50 After 40

Strength routine - SwimCycloRun

Core 5 Workout - 50 After 40

Running basics - Caution: Redhead Running

Total Immersion technique for swimming (this is how I tried to improve my swimming stroke, but I likely didn't correctly utilize a lot of the advice, haha)

Marathon elevation by race

The Case for Orthotics - Sock Doc

Unnecessary Orthotics

50 After 40 strength training routine

hip post - 50 After 40

hip/glutes strengthening video - 50 After 40

Oregon Project Stability routine

Do weak hips cause pronation routine

return to running schedule - Caution Redhead Running

couch to 5K plan

Newton shoe info

Glucosamine article - SF Road Warrior

50 After 40 - marathon training tips

Good injury thoughts post - Xaarlin
Race report hall of fame:
24 hour treadmill run - EMZ (part 1 of 7)

Top of Utah Marathon - 50 After 40

Ironman Texas - Dangle the Carrot

CIM marathon - SF Road Warrior

First in Philly part 1
First in Philly part 2

Pavement runner best photos 2013 - Pavement Runner

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