Monday, July 14, 2014

Newtons, SF half training, biker crash, World Cup


An update on my running shoes - apparently my Newtons were long overdue to be replaced (likely 100 miles overdo the running shoe guy said lol).  I bought another pair of Newton Distance, and also bought a pair of Newton Boco AT (trail shoes).  I really should work in the Newton marketing department lol

I bought the older model of Newton distance - I still like the shoe (I use this one for mainly road or easy trails)

The Newton Boco AT trail shoe feels very similar to their road shoe, but just a little more tread on the bottom, and is a bit heavier - nice to have an actual trail shoe to run in (I use this one for trails only)

Biker crash story:
Apparently trouble seems to follow me occasionally (like in Melbourne last year), as while I was out on a run last week before the World Cup ARG-NED semifinal, I noticed a biker standing by a fence with a road rash mark on his arm, and something looked wrong to me.  It seemed like there were other people around, but I stopped to ask him what is wrong - apparently he had just crashed on his bike.  He had road rash on his shoulder, arm and leg.  When I approached his arms were shaking a bit while holding onto the fence, and was definitely not all there.  He said that he couldn't see at the time, and was starting to freak me out a bit, when I looked into his eyes and saw no activity.  He seemed to start to come around a bit right then, or else I was going to call the paramedics shortly.  I guided him to sit down for a bit, and gave him some water.  When I asked him whether he was wearing a helmet - he said no.  And I asked him whether he hit his head - he said no, but his symptoms seemed to suggest that he may have had a minor concussion since he lost his vision briefly, and he was very dizzy.  I forgot to ask him whether his head actually hurt or not.  After maybe 10 minutes it seemed like he was good enough for me to leave, though I told him that he should likely walk his bike home or be really careful.  And a PSA to bikers out there - wear a helmet.  The incident happened at mile 5 of my 7 mile run, and it definitely threw me for a loop - I guess you never know when you'll be called upon to help out someone else.  Would you have done anything differently?  

SF half/SJ half training:
Training for the SF half on 7/27 is going pretty well - my long runs seem to be coming along well.  I've sort of been half following the Hal Higdon plan, and the Run Less Run Faster plan.  Though I realize that I am likely doing my shorter runs too slow, and my longer runs too fast.  For instance, my approximate half marathon race pace in 2 weeks is 7:20, and I did a 13 mile training run at about 7:50 average pace, which likely is a little too fast for my race. (I was only trying to do 12 miles, but over estimated a loop, and ended up doing an extra mile)  I should amp up my pace during the week to run faster than race pace, and keep the longer runs a little bit slower.  After SF half marathon I'm going to try to diligently follow the RLRF plan for SJ half on 10/5.  

There is 10 weeks from SF half to SJ half, I was considering allowing 1.5 weeks of recovery before starting the RLRF plan - does this sound about right?  I was likely simply going to count backwards from race day to see what week to start on for the plan.  And likely will reduce any training runs that are longer than the actual race down to either 12 or 13 miles.  

World Cup:
Like most people, I was glued to watching the World Cup daily for the last month - I'm going to miss it now that it's gone.  I loved to run in the AM, and then watch the WC later in the day.  The US had a great tourney - they came oh so close to beating Belgium, Tim Howard was amazing in that game.  Lots of drama across all games during the tourney, definitely the best World Cup that I can remember.  Seems like the best team won in the end, Germany played a little more aggressively/courageously than Argentina in the final, and deserved to win it in the end.  What a goal to win the Cup.  

What would you have done in my situation regarding the crashed biker? 
Any suggestions on how to train/what to do for the San Jose half marathon in October?  


  1. I hate situations like that. I had one this weekend - it was the Running of the Bulls that morning (the NOLA version - everyone dresses up like matadors and Roller Derby girls dressed like bulls chase you with bats) and everyone drinks a ton at these events. At 4 pm - 8 hours after the event - I passes a man lying halfway in the road, still in costume, completely out. I called 911 - I didn't know what else to do! But I didn't stop because we were on a busy road.

  2. I'm a biker, always wear a helmet and a reflective vest... I think you did good, hope he also did good and got himself check out!

    As for training: Well I try not to train hard for more than 4 weeks... So count back from the race like this:
    1 week Taper (it's only a half and you aren't running big miles so you don't need more)
    4 weeks hard training
    1 week resting / recovering so you can put in those 4 hard weeks
    4 weeks getting fit enough to do those 4 weeks hard!!!

    I always look at the time I have and might put in 5 weeks of hard training for a marathon, but then might also only do 3 weeks hard, but then I would want 2 blocks of 3 weeks hard.

    I lot of the blog I ready I think the guys (and girls) are training to hard for their race... 16 weeks to a half that is just to much training for 1 race!

    I have a marathon late in Sept and hope to be training at 60-70 miles a week for the race! while it is the only real race left for me this year I haven't started training for it! Coming back from my injury I'm just trying to get the miles back up there so when it's time to train I can have 4 or 5 weeks at 60-70 miles, more than that in a row and I will break down

    Good Luck

  3. Good job stopping for the injured biker. It seemed like every other important World Cup game I wanted to watch I had something else I had to do. Glad I can still keep tabs on you on Facebook. Sounds like your running has been going great.

  4. I can't really speak to what is scientifically best, but for me, I've usually found that if I have a good base already, 8 weeks is about optimal for getting in shape for a half. When I've raced half marathons back-to-back, I've usually tried to take a week or two post-race to sort of "reverse taper" & then start my 8 week training cycle, but sometimes I've only had ~8 weeks in between so it ends up being more like 1-1.5 weeks of recovery/reverse taper & then 6.5-7ish of real training. But, that's just what's worked for me.

    Oh & Stanley Park is super sweet, BTW! Our hotel is less than a mile away.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I think it's always great to stop and help if there aren't others around, or if you think you can be of additional assistance.I like that you're doing the Run Less/Run Faster plan. I've incorporated a lot of those principles into my training the last couple of years. I think the training depends on what you want to accomplish, but it looks like a solid plan, and I think 1.5 weeks of recover between is fine.

  6. I think it's really good you stopped to check him out. So many people fall into herd mentality and assume someone else will stop and just keep going.

    So good to hear you like the newtons. I love my distances, and hope one day to be able to run trails - so the boco would be my top choice based on your reccommedation.

    Ooh I'm so excited for your half marathon next week! I'm all for short training cycles. I've dropped my
    Marathon cycles to 10 weeks, and would probably do 8 hard weeks at most for a half marathon in the future. Seems like your modifications to RLRF will suit you well. Interested to hear how you like that plan.

    Yep. Germany was clearly the best most dominant team in the cup. That Brasil match v Germany was so painful to watch- but I have no doubt Brasil will be a force to be reckoned with in 4 more years :)