Friday, May 9, 2014

Golden Gate Park SF run


SF Golden Gate Park run:
I was up in SF last weekend, and decided to run across Golden Gate Park for a run - the park is about 4 miles across, so it was going to be about a 8 mile run, which worked out to be a perfect distance.  I wanted to get some hill runs in for Bay to Breakers, and no better way to train than on the actual course itself.  

conservancy of flowers is my favorite part of the Bay to Breakers course

a waterfall that I didn't really notice before now

was a perfect day for running in SF - maybe 65 ish?

another one of my favorite parts of the park - the windmill near the great highway

made it to the breakers - the beach

It was a lot of fun running through the park, the main central area where Outside Lands is held was packed with people, including some people playing slosh kickball lol.  Though I did notice that as compared to Central Park, GG Park has way more roads it seems like - or it is harder to make it through GG Park through paths alone without getting lost it seems like.  Central Park is still my favorite by far.  

I did find a side path that was basically deserted in the park which was nice

the run went well, didn't really feel any pain it seemed like, and it was good.  Only thing I've noticed the past week is that my right glute has been hurting a little, all I can think of is that I recently got a new wallet, that is bigger than my old one it seems like (anyone watch Seinfeld and remember the George Costanza wallet episode? lol).  It isn't that big, but I went back to my old wallet anyways.  I think I may just have some weird pains going on now, I think I'll be fine for Bay to Breakers.  After B2B though, I may actually start following a training plan, so that I don't have to think of what workout to do - and it might help me stay fully healthy going forward.  

Anyone have a comparison between Golden Gate Park and Central Park?  


  1. The wallet thing is true! I had a patient who had, um, a numb butt. I suggested it was his new wallet, and he tried leaving it out of his pocket, and it improved. He went back to keeping it in his back pocket when the numbness went away, and ended up aggravating his sciatic nerve.

  2. I agree with the wallet thing ^^ Start wearing a fanny pack? lol. Love the run pics!

  3. Man, that looked amazing! Nothing like that around here - ha!

  4. Ah, my old stomping grounds! Glad you enjoyed it. One of these days I will be running far enough to warrant actually driving out there again.....