Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shoutouts of the year

Shoutouts of the year:
As most of you who follow me know, I start almost every post off with shoutouts to people for accomplishments that they recently achieved.  I'm not sure how or why I started doing them, but I thought it would be a good way to recognize others for their accomplishments, and for me to keep track of what people are up to.  I recently went back through all my posts for 2012 and tried to pick out interesting things that have happened during the year.  Below are all the things I noted.  (Note that if you are not listed below, don't worry, I could not list everyone.  And I tried my best to make sure the information below is correct, but let me know if I need to change anything!)

Athletes of the year:
Among people that I follow, it seems like a lot of people had a great year in 2012.  Below are the people that I thought deserved special recognition for their accomplishments.  A ton of PRs were set in 2012!

First marathon:

Other first races:

Random things:
  • Neon Blonde Runner - found her calling with neon compression sleeves!
  • Pain is Nothing - did a workout on Soldier Field where the Chicago Bears play, sounded like the coolest thing of all time!  

Most miles run:
Looks like the award will go to the immortal EMZ, who will end up topping 4000 miles for 2012 - insane! 50 After 40 crossed the 3000 mile barrier for the 2nd straight year, and seems to be running better than ever after a stride change that he did.  Roserunner also ended up with around 4000 miles too.  

Athlete of the year:
If I had to pick 1 person out of all the people that I follow for the "Athlete of the year" award, I pick SwimCycloRun.  After going through all my shoutouts for 2012 it was a pretty easy decision looking at the number of PRs that he set this year.  The list of his 2012 accomplishments is long, including PRs in the following races - 4 miles, 10K(twice), half marathon(twice), 2 mile swim, olympic triathlon, half ironman and ironman. Seems like every race he did, he PRd in!  He simply had a fantastic year.  

Best race report:
SF Road Warrior - CIM 2012.  Among all the race reports that I read this year, her report of CIM stood out the most to me.  Just reading about it from various people, the race conditions sounded like the worst I have ever heard of for any race (maybe along with the mud from Runners Rambles 50 mile race recently).  The race challenged her both physically and mentally, and she finished strong despite the tough conditions.
An excerpt from it:
"It's no secret that the physical demands often keep people who are otherwise interested from attempting a marathon. But I wonder if sometimes people also hesitate to try because it's one of those experiences that has the potential to show you things about who you really are, to tell you the truth about yourself in certain ways, and I wonder if sometimes people are a little afraid of what that truth will turn out to be. At that point in the race, the only thing that mattered to me--and mattered deeply and desperately--was not quitting. Not because of a medal, or having to tell my friends, or feeling like a DNF would soil my record somehow. It mattered because I knew that whether or not I finished this race (barring dangerous situations or acute injury or risk thereof) would reveal to me something about my character. Am I the type of person who keeps going for as long as possible, even when things are hard and I'm exhausted and miserable and hurting, or am I the type of person who gives up? I knew what I wanted the answer to be, what I was pretty sure it would be, but there are a lot of situations in life where you can't predict what you'll actually do until you're in it."

49ers season:
And since I want to have at least one pic in every post, I'll put one of 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and New England QB Tom Brady.  The 49ers won an epic game last Sunday 41-34! (I thought the 49ers would win 23-20)  It was one of my favorite football games I've ever watched - likely in my top 5 games all time.  I haven't talked about the 49ers as much on here since I haven't gone to a game in person yet this year, but the team is playing amazingly well this year just like last year.  New QB Colin Kaepernick is playing awesome, I think he is the right guy for the job over Alex Smith even though Alex Smith was doing great this year.  If they beat the Seahawks (which I think they will 23-17), I'd say they are the favorites to win the Super Bowl right now.  Though the NFL playoffs are crazy, so the main thing is just getting in, and then seeing what happens.  For me it is a successful season simply making the NFL playoffs - everything after that is a bonus.

Do you know anyone who deserves special recognition for their accomplishments during 2012?
Did you have a favorite race report from someone in 2012?


  1. Shoot, next year I'm just going to read NO blogs and wait for your recap. This must have taken some work! I love all the NorCal representation I see up in that list.

    I'd have to check my dorky desk calendar at home, but I think the year will finish with closer to 4000 miles than 3000. Maybe I should throw a "guess the number" contest....

  2. So wonderful you do these shout outs. I always enjoy reading the recaps from races and events I wouldn't have otherwise Found.

    And you Deserve a shout out for returning to running after a year battling injuries!

  3. Thanks Nelly! It's so cool how you track everyone all year and give shout-outs! I think you're the most dedicated blogger out there - ha! Hope you have a great holiday season and a great new year!

  4. Love reading your posts for the who's done what, the shoutouts... So keep writing them as we want to know who's running what.

  5. Nelly you are incredible, you're like the nurturing godfather of all the bloggers.

    Thanks for the shout outs :)

    Congrats to everyone for all the incredible running that happened this year!

  6. Nelly I seriously have no idea how you keep track of all this stuff. It' pretty impressive. Thanks for the Shout Outs all year and to make the Shout Outs of the Year, well I feel honored :)

    Congrats to all those who had a great year!

  7. You my friend are the best!
    I am honored to be on the Nelly year list for the second year! thank you for including me!

    Also must say big thank you for your last comment. I appreciate that you took the time to write this to me.

    I wish you a happy Christmast and Happy healthy 2013!
    maybe it will be the year we meet in person....I got SF on my list for now....

  8. YEAH I loved this post!! it's so fun to read about great running accomplishments!
    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  9. Thanks Nelly! You're are the brains behind all of us bloggers who can't hardly keep up with ourselves!! I'm gonna be kinda bummed when the Super Bowl is over. It's been fun although my Eagles have sucked ass this year. Since I live in KY though it's been a blast watching Randall Cobb. Who could believe that someone so kick ass could come from such a shitty team as KY?? :) Hope you had a nice Christmas!

  10. Thanks for the shout out Nelly! Appreciate it! Wishing you the best for 2013!

  11. Aw, thanks! :)

    I would say "see you at the Rose Bowl," but. Y'know. Rose Bowl.

    Have fun!!!

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