Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fiesta Bowl Bound!

Shoutouts (CIM massive PR weekend!):
  • To 50 is the new 30, who set a 10 minute PR in 3:56:34 at CIM!  I love his motto of "Any day you can run a marathon is a damn fine day."
  • To Diary of An Average Runner, who set a 9 minute PR in 3:35:45 at CIM!  
  • To How I Complicated My Life Today, who set another marathon PR in 3:22:18 at the Baton Rouge Marathon!  This time included an extra mile that she ran off course.  3:15 will be there for her soon enough!
  • To Pain Pride Perseverance, who set a 9 minute PR in 4:06:08 at the Vegas Marathon!  
  • To RoseRunner, who set a PR in 3:05:08 at CIM!  
  • To Running and Brooklyn, who set a 17 minute PR in 3:42:54 at CIM!  
  • Cheers to anyone who did the Vegas half!  

Fiesta Bowl:
The big news for me this weekend is that Stanford was picked to play in the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona on January 2nd, so that means I'll be in Arizona then!  Surprisingly I've never been to Arizona, so I'm curious to check it out!  I'll be there from Dec 31 to Jan 3rd.  This will be the 2nd straight year that I'll be in another city for a Stanford bowl game (last year was Miami for the Orange Bowl).  

Stanford will be playing against Oklahoma State, which should be a great game.  Oklahoma State reminds me a lot of the Oregon Ducks - great quarterback and wide receiver, explosive quick strike offense, and just an average defense.  And Stanford got destroyed 53-30 by Oregon =)  So my gameplan against OSU would be to have Stanford run the ball almost every down against OSU to slow the game down and wear down their defense. (this is how I thought Stanford should have played against Oregon, but they threw the ball way too much I thought)  If Stanford runs the ball 60 times and throws it 25 or less times - I think we win.  

Right foot/leg pain (healing stress fracture):
As you may have noticed, I haven't been talking as much about running recently.  This is somewhat due to the fact that I've been going on a trip or to a Stanford game every week for the past 6 weeks.  The past month I've noticed some pain in my lower outside right leg. (opposite leg from the knee/IT band injury that I am recovering from)

  • Two small bruises seemed to develop on the outside of my right leg
  • Pain gets worse the more activity that I do
  • My right leg sometimes throbs after activity
  • Feels uncomfortable to run on for extended time it seems like

My thought was that I may have a stress fracture, but that I wasn't sure.  I saw my doctor yesterday (Amol Saxena of PAMF), and after looking at my right leg and also X-raying my right ankle/leg he told me that I likely had a stress fracture that developed last month or so.  He said that it is starting to heal (or was already healing), but that it was still a little inflamed.  

  • The doctor wasn't able to tell me exactly what caused my stress fracture
  • I have some guesses though - generally doing too much activity too soon can cause a stress fracture.  While I was generally following a running rehab plan, I started to not obey it closely after about a month of following it.  A comment from a post back on Nov 1 from Neon Blonde Runner basically is prophetic: "More running, hooray!!!! Don't get too speedy too fast though, you could end up back where you came from."  Well, she nailed it unfortunately.  
  • I started playing soccer again about 2 months ago, and while I did take it easy at first out there, I think over 2-3 weeks playing I started playing like I used to in terms of speed and acceleration - which was probably not a good idea.  Maybe its in my competitive DNA, but I can't hold myself back out there on the soccer field.  
  • Both my soccer shoes (Nike Tiempo) and casual shoes that I bought (Nike Lunarglide 3) seem to be pretty narrow shoes.  My feet seemed to feel worse after wearing those shoes, maybe because of pressure on the sides of them from the shoes.  Does Nike make narrow shoes?  

  • He told me I could continue to run, but I would need to follow the running rehab plan on his website
  • He told me I could continue to do yoga, bowling, and strength training
  • I need to wear an aircast on my right ankle for a while when I do run (likely a month or so).  
  • I made the decision to finally stop playing soccer.  It just seemed like a lot of my injuries were caused from soccer, and especially with a stress fracture that needs to fully heal it doesn't seem safe to play.  I will miss the social aspect of it in seeing my friends, but the costs just seemed to outweigh the benefits of the game for me right now because of the injury risk.  Also, a comment from the doctor about soccer was "I get injured just looking at a soccer ball." lol  I know many of you out there are probably happy to read that - especially 2Slow4Boston and Power Multisport.  
  • So we will see what happens - my stress fracture still needs to heal completely it seems, but I'm glad that at least it is healing according to the doctor.   
  • When I do get back to running normal again - I'm going to do a lot of trail running, because this is the kind of runner I was prior to 2010.  Trail running really strengthens your entire body (hills, small changes of direction, etc), and I think this is one reason why I basically was never injured until 2010.  Also the fact that I didn't start playing soccer again until 2010 - and this is where a lot of my injuries came from it seems like.  

Overall thoughts:
I don't think I've conveyed my thoughts on my right foot/ankle injury at all on my blog, because I wanted to get it diagnosed first before talking about it.  My mind has been all over the place recently thinking about it, though going to the doctor confirmed with me that it is better to go to a doctor to get injuries diagnosed so that you know what you are dealing with.  The hardest part is the fear of the unknown.  Going into the doctor appointment I thought that he was going to say that I had a stress fracture and that I'd be sidelined for a couple months.  The fact that he said I had a stress fracture a month ago, and that it was healing and I could start doing a rehab plan was comforting to hear.  It still sucks that I am injured again, but it could be worse.  I know that I have a legit plan that will work towards getting me healthy again.  For some reason I'm sort of at peace with where I'm going now and what the plan is.  And I want to say that I appreciate hearing people's true thoughts on things, because I probably wasn't being smart by playing soccer since it is so easy to get injured doing it.  So I ask people to keep telling me what you think.

2012 London Olympics:
Yesterday was another opportunity to buy tickets for the Olympics next year in London, I was able to get tickets to the women's soccer final!  So my event schedule is basically complete now, here it is.  The events I'm most excited about are tennis at Wimbledon, table tennis, and the 2 soccer finals.  I was unable to get tickets to BMX or the marathon.   I also bought my plane ticket - I fly out on 8/1, and then back on 8/13.  Should be awesome!
  • 8/4 - Tennis - Women's final / Men's Doubles final - gold medal (at All England Club)
  • 8/5 - Badminton gold medal final
  • 8/5 - Fencing gold medal final (might have to sell this one if we can't go to both Badminton and Fencing on the same day)
  • 8/6 - Basketball preliminary round
  • 8/7 - Track & Field
    • mens 110 meter hurdles round 1
    • mens 200 meters round 1
    • mens triple jump qualifying
    • women's javelin qualifying
    • womens 5000 meters qualifying
  • 8/7 - Beach volleyball semifinal round
  • 8/8 - Table tennis gold medal final
  • 8/9 - Women's soccer gold medal final
  • 8/10 - Men's basketball semifinal (both semifinals)
  • 8/11 - Men's soccer gold medal final
  • 8/12 - Men's Marathon

Mythbusters cannonball accident:
How many of you out there watch the show Mythbusters?  I've seen it a fair amount of times, it's a hilarious show about proving myths wrong using science experiments.  It's also filmed in the bay area which is pretty cool - they do a lot of their experiments at the old Alameda Naval Base.  While doing an experiment using a canonball, the ball flew through a cinder block wall, and into the city of Dublin.  It tore right through a house, and then finally stopped when it hit a minivan.  All told it flew 700 yards!  Luckily, no one was hurt, but it was big news around here on the local news.  Crazy stuff!  That is the cannonball hole on the right!

Vegas Rock N Roll water fiasco:
I know a lot of you out there ran the Vegas Rock N Roll race, did any of you have problems with the water during the race?  It sounds like a lot of people got sick from it after they drank the water.  In reading people's race reports I didn't see anyone mention it so far.  In reading this article, it makes the race experience sound pretty rough.  And for people that did the full marathon, it sounds like they had to wade through a bunch of people who were doing the half marathon on the way back in, since it was an out and back course.  

Any suggestions on things to do in Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale?  
Did you have problems with the water at Vegas Rock N Roll?  
Any thoughts on how to deal with a stress fracture?  


  1. Stress fracture!?

    Oh no, apparently I do have psychic skills.....didn't mean to jinx you, haha!

    Well that's good that it's on the mend and is healing up. After my stress fracture (and taking off 5 months), something that I changed (that I think has really helped) was drinking a lot more milk and beefing up my protein/calcium intake. And I really try to take an extra day to rest after a long run (even if my body feels fine.)

    I also read that article about Myth Busters. Very scary! I love that show and used to enjoy watching it a lot when I had more time for TV, haven't seen it in a couple years though.

    Hope you heal up quickly!

  2. I just read that they suspect the Vegas water problem resulted when runners were given water from fire hydrants. What? What?

    So sorry tp hear about the probable sfx. Good news it is healing already though. I cant tell yu how many peeps I know who. Have come back stronger then ever after them though so hang in there.

    How cool about the Fiesta Bowl and even cooler you're going to the Olympics!

    Sadly I am not a Stanford alum. My father in law is and I visit whenever I can. That's where my sweatshirt came from.

  3. As I was reading your post about the stress fracture, I was feeling bad for you. Then I saw you were playing soccer, and I thought, "you need to quit playing soccer." Then I saw you give me a shout out and say you quit playing soccer, and it made me hopeful for you. Hopeful that you can enjoy running again soon. I used to play soccer growing up, but now I know I would surely get injured playing it since I train so close to the overuse/injury level. Get well soon!! :-)

  4. um, amazing you are going to London for the Olympics! I really want to go but it's not in the cards.

    Sorry about the stress fracture...I hope it heels quick!

  5. Look at you! The Olympics sounds absolutely amazing. I was supposed to be at grad school over there this year which would hvae made the olympics work out perfectly but alas, no dice.

    I ran CIM this weekend which was absolutely amazing, but hearing about the Vegas race made me even happier that I opted out!

    I'm so sorry about your stress fracture. I wish I had any advice!

  6. Sorry about your stress fracture -- seems like it is one thing after another. Hopefully the rest and no soccer will have you running again soon.

    And so cool you are going to the Olympics! It will be fun to hear all about it.

  7. Sorry to hear you've suffered another set back, at least you are being smart and play it safe. Sending you lots of speedy healing vibes!

  8. The stress factor sucks! Sorry. Hopefully, it will quickly get better with some rest. I think not playing soccer for now was a good idea. I stopped playing basketball for similar reasons.

    BTW: you did not mention how the 49ers won their division! Which reminds me that I need to order playoff tickets.

  9. Ah, boo stress fracture. But better on the mend than something that just happened!

    Also, YAY FIESTA BOWL! I'm not going personally but a ton of my friends are. Have fun! :)

  10. sorry to hear about the sfx :( take it easy so it heals properly (and only has to heal once vs being a repeat offense!)

    congrats to stanford. the acccg was craaaazy. but awesome! i went to the game as it's not far away - so much fun. not sure if i'll go to miami for the orange bowl... right now thinking not. what do you do for work? you do some crazy ($$$) traveling! (i'm jealous) the olympics! that'd be sweet. i'll have to live vicariously through you next august :)

  11. Wow! Hope that Sfx heals quickly for you!!!! Enjoy London, it is such a great city :)

  12. Nelly goes to London. Grrr. I'm jealous! You're gonna have such a good time. There are literally millions of things to do there!! Got room in your carry-on for me?? Never hurts to ask :)

    So, I didn't hear about the water fiasco making people sick but I would imagine that if i were running that race and DID drink the water that I would have been one of the lucky stomach problemed! HAHAHAHA!

    I hope your leg gets better! I want you to be able to do what you want. Soccer is tough! So much torque on your legs!

  13. SO Sorry about your stress fracture! That is too bad. :( I hope you get better very soon. It's hard not to be able to do the things you love.

    The fiesta bowl should be fun to watch. I am sure Stanford will do well!

    Tickets to soccer in London?! WOW!!! That makes me a little green with envy :)It's really something to look forward to.

  14. So much to comment on!

    I'll just miss you in AZ. We are heading back home on the 31st! Bummer. Enjoy the sunshine though. And the game.

    London...WOW! That will be an awesome experience!!

    Sorry about the stress fracture. Not fun, but it sounds like you have thought things through, listened to your MD, and are headed in the right direction.

    And I didn't hold back at all about my experience in Vegas. It just took me a while to get it on the blog =)

  15. I don't think you get enough credit for keeping us all in the know about other runners races. I love your shout-outs!

    Terrible news about the stress fracture. I have never experienced one, but I know the recover can be very long :(

    the mythbusters story is crazy....I guess it traveled a lot farther than they thought it would?